Thursday, March 3, 2011

Identity Crisis Part 2

So there has been some new developments in the media lately. There always are. One in particular is a real gem. To demonstrate, I will use personal history.
When he was young, my oldest child wanted to be a Ninja Turtle. He even told everyone his name was Michaelangelo. We didn't think anything about it at the time, because we were unenlightened. Now we know differently.
The media tells us now that we were not allowing our son to fully express his own identity.
What we should have done is let him dress like a turtle and act like a turtle. And we should have encouraged him to seek out his own sense of turtle identity. 
This would include the fact that we should have encouraged him to grow up and seek loving caring relationships with turtles who believed in him and accepted him for who he is. Perhaps one day, if the people of the world finally stop hating turtles so much, they may even have allowed him to commit to a loving turtle by taking the vows.
In this way, perhaps he would today feel a sense of turtle worth, instead of rejecting his inner nature by trying to please his parents and the non-turtle acceptance of our closed-minded society.
Son, we're sorry we didn't live up to the ideals our media would have us believe! How you must have suffered, and must suffer still!
It's too late for you, but perhaps some other turtle boy or girl out there will be allowed to freely express the way they were born!
Sorry, the tears in my eyes are making it difficult to see the keyboard....
See what I mean?

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  1. And how could you have gone that many years without feeding him bugs and grubs!?