Sunday, February 13, 2011

So Which Is It?

My wife an I were recently watching a popular talk show, hosted by several women around a table. Their guest was a famous actress who for awhile was the lesbian partner of another famous celebrity. She is now living a heterosexual life with the man she claims as her fiance, but to whom she says she will never be married. So now I am confused.
The issue has become so blurred that I cannot make heads nor tails of it. The gay and lesbian community says society is denying them the right to marriage, but then so many on the hetero side are saying they don't need it. Doesn't anyone see the pattern here? I will speak religiously for a bit.
Satan has it in his mind to destroy the family. He doesn't care how he does it as long as he does, because he knows that when that happens, society will destroy itself. Our world will collapse if the family falls. That is the devil's design. So he works both sides of the fence.
He has the gays and lesbians trying to destroy the family by undermining its very foundation--the marriage between a man and woman. Then they adopt children, raising them to believe in the same traditions that those raising them have changed.
On the married, hetero side of the fence, he has gotten spouses to cheat on each other, destroying lives, families, and breaking hearts. In this way, even those who did it right are ruining a good thing.
The hetero singles fit right on the fence. Some think they don't need marriage. Many don't think they should remain pure until marriage. All this weakens the institution, the commitment, and the sanctity of marriage. Their families will either never exist, or be built on a lie.
So, upon reflection, I don't think the discussion should just be about gay/lesbian marriages, but on every aspect of the survival of the family! And the media isn't helping.
I recently saw episodes of two of my favorite TV shows mock the purity of girls remaining virgins! Both suggested that men should only want women with "experience" and that to achieve this end, girls should have sex as soon as they can so they will no longer be "undesirable." Imagine that. Can't you just see new husbands dropping all over the world from diseases their new brides give them? Can't you just see those husbands spreading those diseases to the mistresses Hollywood convinced them they needed? And can't you see the bastard children of those illicit affairs growing up in a broken home and joining gangs, dealing drugs, and prostituting themselves to fill the void?
I can. All I have to do is turn on the news or read the paper.
Let's stop worrying about who as spouting the most vile accusations and simply save our society by saving our families.

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