Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Idiots,

I just wanted to write a quick note. Please have someone help you with the bigger words. It seems some of you have been taking lots of big money from tobacco companies to fund your campaigns. I have an idea--how about you outlaw tobacco all together and keep the rest of us alive a little longer. After all, the longer we live, the more taxes we'll pay, right? 
I've also heard that you're concerned with "healthcare." The previous paragraph shows your lie, doesn't it? Well, I will tell you another thing. You are funding healthcare for individuals who didn't have any before, right? Well, what about those of us who did? I have insurance through my work. It is not very good insurance anymore, because some idiots have been messing with things and my coverage has been reduced, while my co-pays and deductibles have increased. My question to you is: How the CRAP has your new program HELPED ME?! My wife is now undergoing care for breast cancer, and we will be struggling to find a way to meet all our obligation while paying her medical bills. In what way is THAT better?!
I was speaking with a school librarian yesterday who told me she had to cancel school subscriptions to magazines that had tobacco ads placed in the pages. WHAT is up with that? Everybody is so concerned with making money. How about a little responsibility?
I also know a nurse who said she gets upset all the time because she knows our medical community has the means to begin CURING disease, but there is too much MONEY in just TREATING illnesses. How about those of you who have the ABILITY start acting with RESPONSIBILITY and make this world a better place. There are criminals out there, terrorists too, but we shouldn't be needing to worry about our LEADERS or those who have sworn to protect us, heal us, and help us! Grow up and get to work, dummies!
I there an "Extreme Make-Over: World Edition" out there somewhere?


  1. Don't outlaw tobacco, it would just go the way of the other dangerous drugs that are already illegal. People would start trafficking in illegal tobacco. Instead TAX the heck out of it. Triple, or quadruple, the price. Use the extra money in revenues to fund health care. And since we are already headed that way, legalize marijuana, and then do the same thing. Double the tax on liquor too while you're at it, drunk driver's drive up insurance rates too. Sounds good to me.

  2. Ok, sure. That works. Plus there should be a "You're-killing-America-so-you-need-to-pay-through-the-nose" Tax for Tobacco Companies that is double the total costs of hospitalization and treatment for all cancer patients worldwide. Per year. Then half that could go to PAYING those costs, and the other half toward finding a cure for cancer....

  3. Then there should be a stupidity tax added on top of all those sales....

  4. Oh, I couldn't agree more! My husband wastes our money and his life on cigarrettes, and I refuse to support his habit in any way. I make him smoke outside no matter the temperature, and I even make him go out to a shed that is on the corner of our property. Even with those steps taken, our house still smells like smoke, our clothes still smell like it, and I can't say how disgusting it is! I continue to hound him to quit, and will support him 100% if he ever decides to do it. Until then, I'll probably piss him off a lot by complaining very loudly whenever he does it. When they raised the taxes recently on his smokes, he complained about how "broke" he was. I very cheerfully reminded him how "broke" he wouldn't be if he'd stop using those disgusting things!

  5. Two things about this last comment:

    1) I just noticed an Ash Tray right outside the doors to our HOSPITAL today!!!!

    2) There is a danger in 3rd-hand smoke--smoke found lingering in clothes and furniture, etc.--that is as dangerous or worse than 2nd-hand smoke, which in turn is worse than smoking itself. Smokers are killing their families faster than they kill themselves!