Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's the Big Deal?

So I know there has been quite a bit of publicity about  some things one of our church leaders said in a recent conference. Proof that even those out there who are against us are watching our broadcasts to find some way to get attention. So, in case you haven't caught on yet, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also called the LDS Church, or "The Mormons." I won't go into details about some other names we are called. 
First, let me just say to those who have heard a minister or preacher or fanatic or lunatic out there preaching against us: If we were not teaching the truth, would SO many people be working to persecute us? AND how can you claim membership in a religious institution that, instead of preaching the Gospel of Love and Peace as taught by Jesus Christ, are teaching hatred and bigotry and lies about our church. I could never believe in a cause that only preaches against another church.
So I want to ask here, "What's the big deal, anyway?" Let's take a look at these awful people of the LDS church. Understanding that there are "bad" members in any church, let's discuss "good" members.
1) Good members of the LDS faith believe in God, the Father. We believe He is the only God and knows all, sees all. We believe His word and trust His Son. We believe that He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.
2) Good members believe in Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the World. We believe in the same Jesus that performed miracles in the Bible, not some "other" Jesus. We believe His words, and seek to be like Him. And we believe that through the Holy Spirit we can be led to a better life through Jesus.
3) Good members of the LDS faith believe in the Bible, and its teachings. We have taken nothing from it, nor have we added anything to it. We believe that since God doesn't change, that he continues to talk to prophets, and has done so before. This means that we have other books of scripture that all testify of Jesus Christ. 
4) Because of these books and beliefs, Good members of the LDS faith DO NOT do any of the following:
          A) Smoke. No stinky clouds surround us, no butts litter our ground.
          B) Drink. We do not get drunk and crazy. We do not drink and drive, causing drunken accidents.
          C) Dink Coffee. Not a big deal to some people, but this means no caffeine crash later in the day.
          D) Curse. No offensive swear words will assault your ears around good members.
          E) Do Drugs. Much like B, you are safer around us. No crack houses or meth labs.
          F) Fight or kill. We are peace-loving and quick to forgive. 
          G) Lie. You can believe what we say.
          H) Steal. Your belongings are safe around us.
           I) Commit Immoral Acts. We don't sleep around, breaking up homes or spreading disease.
           J) Force our opinions. We will ask, but we will not pressure you about religion.
5) Now how about some things Good members DO:
          A) We are civic-minded. We vote and get involved in our community.
          B) We volunteer. Time, money, food, whatever is necessary.
          C) We help. In emergencies, the LDS church is usually one of the first groups on the scene.
          D) Attend Services. We want to learn how to be better people, better CHRISTIANS.
          E) Build beautiful structures. LDS chapels and temples are great additions to any place.
          F) Love good music, good art, good books, good shows, good recreation.
          G) We seek after virtue. No skanky outfits, no nudity, no promiscuity.
          H) We abide by the laws. We believe in honoring, obeying and sustaining the law.
           I) Try to show humility. A good member is not boisterous.
6) Good members believe in the importance of every human soul. We love our neighbors and are concerned with their welfare. 
7) We believe in allowing all men and women the privilege of worshiping how their consciences dictate. Odd, isn't it that so few are willing to allow us the same basic right?
So again, I ask, "What is the big deal?" What is so horrible about these people that love and follow the Savior Jesus Christ? If you have to ask that minister, preacher, fanatic or lunatic, perhaps you should think more than twice before regurgitating the lies they have fed you. Talk to one of us. Ask us what it is we believe. Don't ask us however, why some of those people hate us so much, when we have done nothing to them. We don't know the full answer. You may find out, though, that we aren't bad at all. You may find out that our good humor and straight-forward nature is something you find you like after all.

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  1. My biggest plea to non-mormons is to go to the source when learning about our religion. Don't go to those who preach against us. Come to us and let us tell you what we believe. And go to God to ask if we are right. Those are the sources that count!